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Summer: anguishing over bikinis and bodies.


LoveLaughStudy says

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Don't worry about it :) There's this thing on facebook that says rules for summer: wear whatever the fuck you want. or something like that. anyway, bikinis aren't necessary, i have a red and white polka dot one-piece that's super awesome. Do whatever you feel like, it's summer :P

IAmAlive says

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^I second her sentiment. And I'm a guy.... "wear whatever the fuck you want"

A.Farm.Girl says

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Once when I was anguishing over what to wear to some event, my twin brother said something like, "Here's what guys do when they want to know what to wear, and it's what everyone should do: Wear whatever doesn't SMELL!"

Always says

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Thank you three :) It's all very good, honest advice haha

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