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Who's your favorite storyteller?
Anyone with one to tell.

What's your favorite book?
Alrighty. :D My info: email: facebook:!/EmotionMasquerade I love music, but not the kind mot people listen to. I'm emo/scene/[insert whatever derogatory synonym you have for "different and unique" here] . Okay, now everyone knows, you know, I know, there's no need to throw it into my face again, thank you. I love to read, sing, write, watch movies, draw, and listen to loud music. In summary. I've had a rough life, sure. But I'll fix it all eventually, so please don't base our friendship off of pity. I hate how some people just don't LISTEN to what others are saying. It's like they're just waiting for their chance to talk again. So really, listen, actually LISTEN to others. It could save their life. I would know.



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