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December, 2009!

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Who's your favorite storyteller?
Agatha Christie's mysteries, The Hunger Games trilogy, Graceling, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, The Secret Life of Bees, Romeo and Juliet, Death of A Salesman, Shiver, Poison Study, Twilight, Hamlet, and so many others... I guess I should talk about myself here. Hi, I'm Inez and I'm 19, a little older than most others but with age comes wisdom, hopefully. I intend to be an English major so that should speak to how I love to write and read. I blow kisses to airplanes, wish on 11:11, accumulate missed wishes on 11:11 and eyelashes, believe in angels, love classic Disney films, always have background music playing in my head like a radio station, love soccer and fencing, and my mantra is "just breathe." I dislike cheese, eggplant, being bored, and arguments. The rest you'll have to find out :)

What's your favorite book?
Can't pick a favorite...too many good options.



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