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ammotc has written 325 memoirs. The latest is
Confidence never looked so abysmally dismayed.



smithteener since
November, 2011!

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Who's your favorite storyteller?
smithteen people :) old war guys, lonely internet people, and abandoned seashells i find on the beach o: legends, hmmm... anyone really so long as they have something passionate to talk about :)

What's your favorite book?
harry potter, witch and wizard, ranger's apprentice, princess academy, Charms, and a ton of titles icant remember how to spell correctly XP to much of a bookworm to write them all down. only books i've read more than once are harry potter though. i've read twilight and hungergames, but sorry. dont like 'em. too romantic for my tastes. that and love triangles drive me batty lol



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